Radioactive Lounge Comics Podcast

Radioactive Lounge Episode 143: We Have The Power

April 12, 2020

Jess Kitty Parker joins us as we revel in the joys of #sixfanarts, celebrate the life of legendary MAD artist Mort Drucker, pitch a Doogie Houser spin-off, discuss the madcap world of Tezuka’s Black Jack, catch up on Netflix’s She-Ra, and remember 90s music diva Betty Boo.

SHOW NOTES: 00:00 Intro & News 32:42 Reviews: - Azarello’s Hellblazer - Bendis & Immonen’s All-New X-Men - Spencer & Ottley’s Amazing Spider-Man - The Abominations - The Golden Age - The Fire That Never Goes Out - By Chance or Providence - Madman Vol. 2: Madman Adventures - Black JacK Vol. 2 1:05:53 Feature: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power review 1:28:24 BA’s PA

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