Radioactive Lounge Comics Podcast

Radioactive Lounge Episode 163: Be like Paddington

January 16, 2021

We review the first half of DC's Future State event, shield our eyes from Spider-Man's new costume and talk with Matthew Allison, creator of the awesome Cankor. And "Blind Woman Patting a Homeless Person"-gate reaches its climactic conclusion.

SHOW NOTES: 00:00 Intro & News 38:35 Reviews - Doctor Doom #1 - Future State: The New Batman #1 - Future State: Wonder Woman #1 - Future State: Dark Detective #1 - Future State: Teen Titans #1 - Future State: Justice League #1 - Future State: Robin Eternal #1 1:27:18 Feature: Matthew Allison (Cankor) interview 2:09:27 BA’s PA

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