Radioactive Lounge Comics Podcast

Radioactive Lounge Episode 170 : Cartoon Cockfight

April 25, 2021

This episode the boys watch each others’ favourite childhood cartoon and not only try to determine which one was the best, but attempt to work out what exactly kept children of the 1980's so entertained.

Plus, all the usual news and reviews, existential dread, moral ambiguity, Lucas dodges a bullet, Mitchell contemplates the true meaning of death, and the long awaited return of BA's PA, as Larry actually works out how to access the emails. By getting Mitchell to do it for him. Oh, and after a long hiatus, a dream analysis!

Edited by Melissa Davies.

Show Notes:
00:00 Intro & News
29:24 Reviews
- Way Of X #1
- Fredy Neptune by Les Murray

- X-men Legends #1 and #2

- Darkhawk Heart Of Hawk #1 

- Non-Stop Spider-Man #2

- Spider-Man Spider's Shadow #1

1:04:41 Feature: Cartoon Cockfight

1:34:59 BA's PA
1:48:10 Sandman Tales

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