Radioactive Lounge Comics Podcast

Radioactive Lounge Episode 173 : Comic Book Crushes

June 7, 2021

Join the boys in lockdown as we celebrate the 7th Anniversary of The Radioactive Lounge!

This episode we discuss our comic book crushes - those characters we secretly love yet have no damn clue why.

Plus, all the usual news and reviews, indecent proposals, some cum but not as much as previous episodes, a brief exploration into the legacy of Richie Cunningham’s lost big brother, several dodgy Betty Olsen impersonations, a firm but fair refusal from Lucas Testro, Mitchell gets barbaric, and Larry is back on his Hulk and Archie bullshit. Oh, and fan mail from Canada!

Edited by Melissa Davies.


00:00 Intro & News

28:37 Reviews:

- Flash #770

- Iron Man Big Iron Trade

- Doctor Doom Pottersville Trade

- Not All Robots #1

- Barbaric #1

- She Josie Trade

1:09:21 Comic Book Crushes

1:46:22 BA’s PA

1:52:10 Sandman Tales


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